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Sunshine Hotel first game fishing workers【PIC】
Published:2011/12/21 9:37:43

     In pursuit of "passion work, the pursuit of healthy living", rich people live, and to provide a hotel anglers fishing the exchange of experience, exchange of opportunities for them to work in busy also timely relax mood. December 20, I shop in Fuzhou Wulongjiang workers held the first fishing games fishing game.
     The players both old Diaoshou skilled, but also just learned the new face of fishing. Beginning of the game, players play nest, put bait down hooks, a set of actions, some skilled, some awkward, everyone smiling. Adjacent to the players, from time to time to exchange ideas, exchange of skills. After nearly five hours of intense competition, and ultimately, engineering Huang made ​​to obtain a single fish the biggest prize, engineering Huang made ​​access to fishing the maximum amount of award, engineering Chen Hua get fishing up to the number of awards, engineering Huang hair, Wu Hong access fishing Award for most fish species.
The event, the entire fishing grounds filled with joy and pleasant atmosphere, we are fully relax and revel in the fishing grounds of the lake, the mood is very pleasant, everyone is sincerely grateful to the hotel can provide such a good opportunity to let everyone flying mood, cultivate physical and mental , and that will be more enthusiasm into the future work.


It reaches its destination fishing


 Fishing with fishing to seriously participate in


 Participate in the competition who posed for pictures

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